Who are recruitment partners?

Recruitment partners are businesses, medical practices, specialists, and non-profit groups that have a general Recruitment Partnersinterest in supporting our efforts to end smoking addiction. As a recruitment partner, we ask that you understand our studies, our goals, and help distribute our materials as studies begin. The more participants our recruitment partners send, the more effective our studies become. Additionally, together we help more smokers quit.

How do I become a recruitment partner?

We ask that any entity that wants to join us as a recruitment partner contact us through our web form. We would love to speak with you further and discuss how we can work together.

Recruitment partners will meet with our team of professionals and will be asked to complete contractual paperwork relevant to specific studies we may be recruiting for.

Do recruitment partners receive compensation?


Compensation for our recruitment partners does vary by study and at times this may be possible. However, this will be communicated in advance and will be optional. However, the Rose Research Center abides by the American Medical Association Code of Ethics.

Does a recruitment partners have to meet certain totals?


There are no quota’s or necessary requirements a recruitment partner must meet. We appreciate any participant referrals no matter how great or few.

Can I quit becoming a recruitment partners?

Absolutely. You can decide to stop participating as a recruitment partner at any time.

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