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DUAL Study

The DUAL Study is a research study for cigarette smokers. The research study explores the potential of reducing smokers’ addiction to combustible cigarettes by reducing the nicotine content of tobacco. Study participants will also use e-cigarettes to model real world environments where e-cigarette use is growing. No research drug will be given, but you will be asked to use reduced nicotine cigarettes and an e-cigarette during the course of this study.

The purpose of this research study is:

• To gather information on the number of reduced nicotine cigarettes smoked per day.

• To see at what point smokers can first detect nicotine and when smokers can detect a drop in nicotine.

• To determine if e-cigarette use is related to the dual use of combustible cigarettes.

HAVE Study

The purpose of the HAVE Study is to see if combining hydroxyzine (an antihistamine) with varenicline (Chantix) helps you quit smoking. Hydroxyzine may reduce some of the side effects people experience when they take Chantix and when they quit smoking.